December 19   

Saint Joseph
According to the gospel accounts,
Saint Joseph was a carpenter
and a descendant of King David.

Embarrassed by Mary's pregnancy,
Joseph was told in a dream
to take Mary as his wife.
Thoughts of rejecting her for infidelity banished,
he was faithful to his responsibility
as her husband and foster father of Jesus.

He probably died in the presence of
Jesus and Mary so we hail him
as the patron of a happy and holy death.
Let's offer a prayer to him
that we too live and die as he did

"O Blessed Joseph,
you breathed your last breath
in the loving embrace of Jesus and Mary.
When I die please come with Jesus and Mary
to aid me at that hour.
Do not leave me alone.

Demons will try to separate me
from Our Father for all eternity.
Come so that I might die
with Jesus and Mary at my side,
that I might die in the state of sanctifying grace.

Saint Joseph, patron of a "happy death"
pray for me. Amen."

- Have a nice day.
Father Peter